Transition Out not working

jjs Community Member Posts: 42

So, although I'd love to learn how to set up an action group, at this point in time, I don't know how. Your suggestion sounds very easy if I only had that skill. How hard is it to learn?

The biggest difference you may note is that an Action uses a trigger to run while an Action Group just sits there.  It's a group of actions waiting to run in that order, but nothing will happen until you set up another Action to run the Action Group.  That's where the trigger for the Action Group comes from. 


I think a good little exercise to practice is to make a page with a bunch of images and text boxes.  Create an Action Group called Hide All.  In that AG, create Actions to hide each individual object.  Then create an AG called Show All, where you create Actions to show each individual object.  Create a button and On Click, Run Action Group (Hide All).  Create a button for Show All.  Play around with those.


For extra fun, try adding delays of 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, etc., to the actions in the Action Group to watch the object appear or disappear in sequence.  Now, click on the buttons more quickly to see how timing could be an issue.  Most of the time, timing is not that important in Action Groups, but when it comes up, you'll want to come up with ways around it.  That may be a pretty good lesson in Action Groups; as you get more experienced, you'll see many other uses for them.