Transition Out not working

jjs Community Member Posts: 42

Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe that if the learner clicks and unclicks the check box in rapid succession, the results would be less than desirable.


Though, taking that idea a step further, I would add a variable called "Checked" (maybe "Page01Checked") with an initial value of 0.  Then I would run that action group only if "Page01Checked" = 0.  Within the action group, add another action to modify "Page01Checked" to be set to 1.  That way, the text box only shows once. 


If you want to allow the text box to come back later, you could set an action on that text box.  On Hide, Modify Variable ("Page01Checked") to be set to 0.  That way, the learner can check the box to see the text.  When it goes away, then it'll show up again when the box is checked...problem is that it'll also show if the box is unchecked, but you can add another condition so the text box shows only if the value of the box is not empty.