Hide NEXT button until all correct multiple choice answers selected

jjs Community Member Posts: 42

Thanks Ben! I'll give this a try over the weekend.

JJS said:Here’s the situation: I have a multiple choice question with 3 correct answers out of 4. I want to gray out the NEXT button on the page until the 3 correct answers are selected. (As it stands now, if the user selects the wrong answer or not enough correct answers, they get a pop up telling them they’re incorrect when they click NEXT, but the NEXT button still takes them to the next page.) I think this requires knowing about variables or conditions or both, and I understand the concepts but am unfamiliar with details in Lectora. I have created custom text boxes to pop up for EVERY check box selected because I don't like the default message box, which may cloud this issue. I did go through the multiple choice wizard, though, and selected that there is more than 1 right answer and selected CORRECT or INCORRECT for each answer entered. I would entertain the option of creating a CHECK ANSWER button, if that will make it easier. Thank you for your help!