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Drag Drop: Adding 2 separate images for each drag drop pair

method_elearning Community Member Posts: 2
I have a drag and drop question with 3 drag items and 3 drop locations on a dropzone image (no distractors).

What I would like to do is have each separate drap pair marked when I click a SUBMIT button (add Action = process question).

I would like to display 2 separate images for each pair - one for when it is correct (green check mark), one for when it is incorrect (red 'x'). That is a total of 6 images with 3 different ones being displayed each time. This wouldfunction as marking each pair each time learner clicks on SUBMIT.

What I can't figure out is how to get separate variables to associate with each of the drag drop pairs. If I could isolate a variable for each with a value upon clicking submit (correct, incorrect OR 0, 1) - then I could do this.

If I could do this for a drag drop, I could use a similiar functionality for a Matching question too.

Can anyone help me?
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