Importing CSV files

omacron77 Community Member Posts: 52

 You can set a font and font size in the csv file as well...  If you need help with that let me know... although support can send you a file with tons of examples.

I thing the entire csv file proces is not that user friendly though...  I think there should be a Word import function.


omacron77 said:Currently after importing a CSV file of questions and answers the default location is in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When importing a large number of test with some being 50+ questions and answers, the task can be very time consuming and tedious. Incorporating a master formatting tool for repositioning the questions and answers on a page after the import would be immensely beneficial, it could work similar to the way Microsoft PowerPoint allows the user to configure the master slide? This tool or update would offer a tremendous time saving advantage for the user which in turn saves money for the company and improves Lectora as a development tool for e-learning. A win-win situation for all members involved.