Make visibility in the left-hand pane the default setting

kevinelmore Community Member Posts: 162

On more than one instance, I've seen someone ask for an easier way to get at an object that is actually behind another object (especially when text boxes and images are set to be hidden for showing later). These people--usually new to Lectora--are unaware that they can go into Lectora's preferences and turn on the option to hide elements in the left-hand pane.


Is there a reason that this feature is not turned on by default? Usually, such features are turned off as a convenience to the user. I would aver that having this turned on by default would be more convenient for the user. Several programs in e-Learning give the user an option to make an object invisible while creating the course (Flash, Captivate, Illustrator, etc.). Having it be a norm in Lectora would save some new users the frustration of working without it. In fact, I would say that nowadays, people are more likely to expect it and would be surprised to learn that it's a feature you have to turn on; that would be like having to turn on spell check in Word.