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All ideas/suggestions appreciated -

We are having significant and on-going image clarity issues when publishing our Lectora units to HTML, SCORM or WebCT.

We've set our compression level to lowest possible

We've stopped resizing images within Lectora

We will get image issues - but not consistently and that is what is driving us crazy. One developer can input 3 images the exact same way - 2 will be clear; 1 blurry. ????

Our latest "Eureka" was publishing directly to our hard drives (and not on the company server) - that seemed to fix one developer's problem, but not the other one.

Frustration is setting in. Any advice or tips on how to either fix or work around this "blurry image" issue?

Thanks all!


  • azsafety
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    We are having the same issue. Did you find a solution?
  • andrew-robertson
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    You say you have your compression set really low. What happens if you disable it completely?

    We've always resized our images to the right size using PhotoShop and saved using that software's compression algorithm and haven't had any issues. We don't use any of the Lectora built in compression solutions.
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    The original 2009 questioner had one important insight: Lectora desktop (not Online) hates it when you save files on a network drive. I have no idea how it's even aware that you're doing that, but it can cause hard-to-trace problems.