show active and inactive buttons

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 Thanks Roz, but not quite what I had in mind. I psoted another one which is simpler and doesn't sound so nebulousWink

kasaer said:We are doing a tech course of an application, but instead of captivate we only want to use a few screenshots since we are dealing with PHI(Personal Health Info). I have it set up whereby if you click on one button (1) it grays out to show that it is active while the others are blue. When they click on one of the other buttons the 1st one returns to blue and the one just click turns grey. I am sure in flash this will be easily done, but I am not a wiz at all. Is there an easier way? There are other buttons that will be clicked leaving the ones not in use active. So moving back and forth is important. Of course with each click it brings up images. This is a quite hectic to map out. Any help will be appreciated!