Drag and Drop - put back

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Yes, this can be done although it is not obvious. Example: For 3 drag items use three drag and drop questions with one drag item and one drop location each. Then have an On Timer action on the page that requires that All of the 3 conditions are correct. The three conditions are that Question_0001 Is Correct, Question_0002 Is Correct, and Question_0003 Is Correct.

Thanks Ben. This takes care of the automatic judging but how do you make Lectora put back the items that are dragged to the wrong spot? Oh, wait - you have three questions! Does this mean you can have more than one question on a page? Hmmm...I vaguely remember doing this in the training session I attended but, since then, I've always used a single question in each page. I guess this is worth trying out.


Thank you.