Drag and Drop - put back

graced Community Member Posts: 96

You have got it now. The three questions provide the automatic "put back" of the drag items. I think all three drop locations have to be visible at one time. The On Timer action is there ONLY to provide feedback when all three have been dropped.

Caution: I do not think (have not tried it) the same drop image for all three and overlay them. I think you will have to create separate drop images that to not overlap. One way to do this might be to put the real image on the page and then create a transparent gif to use with each of the D & D questions. (Just create one image and then select it when creating each question.) Then the page will have one real image (say a map) and three transparent gifs. Simply place the gifs on top of the real image where you want the drop zones to be. It will take some tweaking to get the each transparent gif the right size but not too much. For more, call me at 678-571-4179 in Atlanta, GA.