Capturing Student Name in HTML Published Title

melissawalker731 Community Member Posts: 25

 use AICC_Student_Name and place that in your custom variable. This can be done anywhere in the course.

Of course, it might (probably) come back as last, first. There is code that will change the format to first last out there. I used to have it,i'll look and get back to you.

melissawalker731 said:Okay, I'm tired of trying to figure this out on my own, because I know tons of folks are out there doing this successfully. I have always published to SCORM, but am having to work with my first HTML-published course. I want to capture the student's name and store it to a variable (StudentName) to be used on a certificate. What object(s)/actions(s) are you using to capture the student's name into a variable?