Req help - hover delay (similar to tooltip)

kemitche Community Member Posts: 6
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to simulate tooltips/microhelp in an application. I would use the Lectora Tooltips feature but my help text is longer than 128 characters.

I have 6 transparent buttons covering an image. Each transparent button has associated mouseenter/mouseexit actions that work fine.

The difficulty is arising with the delay. Tooltips only display after about 1 second. I can easily add the delay in the mouseenter action with no problems. But here's what happens:

When I run my cursor over all of the hotspots, even though my mouse has left some of the hotspots, the tooltip still displays. E.g., I run my cursor over and through hotspot #1 and into #2 in one movement. I was only in hotspot #1 for about half a second - not long enough to trigger a tooltip in the real application.

But the mouseenter action for hotspot #1 still triggers and 1 second later the tooltip shows up (along with the tooltip for hotspot#2). It don't want it to trigger because the mouse is now over hotspot #2. The mouseexit action triggers, but it triggers before the tooltip displays.

Any ideas? I don't mind technical replies.

Thank you!