Mystery errors

nenaperson Community Member Posts: 15

 Okay - I found, downloaded, and reviewed your file...turns out the errors aren't so mysterious after all! Wink

Most of the missing Show targets were on the actions that were on the On Click tabs of the buttons themselves. For example, on the first error page (Getting Started, Entering and Editing Data), the missing target is on the On Click tab of the Button Check Box button.

On the Quick Screen, Quick Screen Current Asset Definitions page, I think all of the buttons were missing targets.

On the Quick Screen, Quick Screen Statistics Definitions page, Button Rent, Button Full Term Rate Withheld, and Button Original Fee were missing targets.

Finally, on the Saving and Editing a Quote, Material Review page, Action Funding and Action Unless were missing targets.

BTW, for the future, you don't need to upload the entire contents of the course folder -- for example, you don't need to include all the various published versions. The best way to get what you need, and only what you need, is to select File, Export, Zip from the menu bar and allow Lectora to create a zip file that contains only the course file (.awt) and the required supporting image, media, and external files needed to run the course.

Hope this helped clear up the mystery for you!