Knowledge Check - Edit Question - Show Page for Feedback

jeannine Community Member Posts: 7

 When I tried a test question like you describe, mine comes up in a smaller window than the original, shows me the feedback. I close it and I am still on the same page.  I can not recreate what you are describing. You don't have an action on the page that is timed to close it by any chance do you? Or do you have the quiz on a timer? That could make the difference.

One way you could work around this would be to just put the feedback in the feedback box rather than using a separate feedback page. Unless your feedback won't all fit in the box.

jeannine said:

When the learner answers a question incorrectly, I want a feedback page to display. Then the learner closes the feedback window and returns to the same question to correct their answer. This allows for immediate feedback and forces everyone to pass the quiz with 100%.

Here's what I have checked on the incorrect choices..."Show feedback", "Show page for feedback", "Immediate feedback".

When I preview it locally, it works beautifully - leaving the learner on the same question they just got wrong so they can correct their answer and continue through the quiz. However, when I publish the html...not so good.

The learner selects the radio button for the incorrect choice, the feedback window opens, the learner closes the feedback window, after about 5 seconds, the quiz automatically throws the learner out of the quiz, to the failed page.