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Ben's given you a perfect answer to your actual question, but is there a reason you want this to happen automatically, rather than have the user click a button? Lectora's default quiz-question functionality will do exactly what you want, based on the user clicking a "Done" button...

That said, one of the reasons that I never used Lectora's default quiz-question functionality was that I thought it was bad instructional design to automatically shunt the learner on to the next page, rather than give the learner control of when he/she wants to move on. Sometimes, after getting a correct-answer message, learners want to review their answer (especially if some of it was a bit of a guess). Also, in general, it's best to give the learner as much navigational control as possible.

Even worse, to me, is the idea of automatically giving the learner feedback for an incorrect answer the minute he/she finishes answering the question. Many learners, especially kinesthetic ones, like to "try out" different answers and see what they look like before committing to it as their "real" answer. (Also, sometimes learners just make careless errors, and, by providing an automatic answer the second they've matched everything, you're taking away the learner's ability to self-correct.)

I would highly recommend using some kind of button that the learner has to click when their ready  to have their answer evaluated, which then displays the relevant feedback. If their answer is wrong, you could offer them a button to take them to the review page (or, if you insist that they go there whether they want to or not, you can just program the Next button to take them to that page if they've answered the question incorrectly).

Just my $.02...

bjmurray said:With "matching" questions, is there an event that i can attach an action too once the question has been completed. psuedo breakdown as follows


The above is a pseudo code breakdown of what im trying to have happen, but as im new to lectora (not so new to programing) im unsure of the best way to approach the problem using lectora. thanks in advance Brad