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Would like templates that are more customizable

tecocat Community Member Posts: 389 ♪ Opening Act ♪
In the past, I've posted requests (and begged and pleaded in a few conversation ;-) ) for templates that have navigation buttons in the lower right and a "Menu" button, instead of the "Home" button (which is rather meaningless in an e-course, as opposed to a website). After reviewing my the discussion thread of my last post on this a year ago and considering other things I've hears since then, I'd like to ammend my request a bit.

My new request is for templates in which the graphic elements are created in such a way that one can easily move elements like buttons to another location (without leaving a gaping hole in the background and things like that) and for a library of various buttons that match each template (or, to make it simple, in the case of text buttons, the ability to alter the text), so that one can choose which buttons one wants to use for one's course. So, besides Back, Next, and Exit (which are all pretty much common to all e-courses), one can choose things like Menu, Help, More Info, and Test. (I'm sure there are others that people would like...those were just some possibilities that sprang quickly to mind.)

It might also be nice to offer some larger templates -- currently, I think all of your templates are essentially 800x600. (I'm generally okay with that, but it might be nice to have other options sometimes.)

Anyone else agree with any/all of these suggestions?

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