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Advanced Resource Manager

dojacobson Community Member Posts: 19


Thanks for your reply. I already knew about the basic way of replacing, since it's html and javascript it's logical replaced images will load automatically. But sometimes I need to swap png's for gif's or jpg's. I find the rename feature somewhat strange, since it only renames the source file, so you still have to place the new images in the "images" folder. I'm kinda comparing this feature with the image properties in Flash, which allows me to import images without having the need of placing the images in a necessary folder. 

I find it strange that I can add an image, which will automatically be placed in the images folder, but when they need to be replaced, I have to manually add the new images to that folder. Since Lectora has the great "Remove" function when publishing, I think it could make things easier for people to use. It can automatically remove the replaced images, and just add the new ones, right?

For now I will still be doing it manually ;)

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