No score displayed in test results page

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Arnold,We used to see issues like this years ago, and it usually had to do with the fact that we had single apostrophes (') or quotes (") in our test questions and/or answer text. We had to go and change text to remove them (i.e changing "don't" to "do not" and "student's test" to "the test that belongs to the student". It was a pain, but it worked. The apostrophe issue has been fixed, then creeped back in with patches, then fixed and so forth. To be safe, we just make sure we don't use apostrophes or quotes in tests.

Also, make sure you have the JavaScript title manager turned on when you publish. Also, you might want to try turning off the Web 2.0 feedback boxes when you publish. We've been getting funky errors with that.

Good luck.Mark

pessoa said:Problem with Lectora 9a: test results page never shows a score and never shows "passed" for users who did well. We have created a SCORM 1.2 course with Lectora 9a. The test contains 60 questions. 20 of the questions are shown by accident when the user passes the test. Our user answers well, for example with 90% right answers (80% are enough to pass the test sucessfully). Afterwards the userdefined test results page pops up: the page does not show any score / additionally it shows "not passed" insted of "passed". All the questions and answers are listed on the test results page, where our user can see - I have done well. In the LMS systems (CourseMill and SumTotal), where we tested the course, our user hase passed the course and has a score of 90%. So - what can we do, to get a proper test results page?