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Test limitations

stsy Community Member Posts: 28
Mike,I haven't seen an official limit, which, if there is one, they should post. However, couple of thoughts on what you can do to increase the number of questions.

I think the answers get stored in the cookie that holds the test data, and I think cookies have a set number of characters that they can hold. So for mutliple choice questions, instead of using long text answers, use A, B, C, and D as the answer choices. Then put in text boxes next to the answers. Then the cookie is only storing short strings, i.e. 2.A, 3.C. and so on.

Can the test be broken into multiple tests within the course? I imagine the data for each test would be stored in a separate cookie during the browser session.

These are just some thoughts. You should post this question in the main Trouble area and, if you don't get an answer, send it to support.

stsy said:Is there any way you can increase the number of questions that can be put into a test in Lectora? I have tests that require 150 questions and Lectora coughs, sputters, and locks up with that amount. If I delete the questions down to 100 or less it work fine.
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