tabbing in lectora exe

rupertuk Community Member Posts: 14
Hi Melissa

thans for your post, however I don't think your idea will do what I want it to do. Some clients may ask for a program which is keyboardable as well as mouse driven. By this, I mean that you can use the program without a mouse and just use a keyboard. Other authoring systems like Director can let you do this by tabbing through objects on the page and running the 'actions' on them. And you can actually do this with lectora if publishing to htmll. However that is a feature of Internet Explorer rather than lectora. In IE by pressing tab you can tab between the buttons on a page and by pressing enter run the programming attached to them. This is for any webpage, not just lectora created webpages.

I take your point that in lectora you can set 'on keystroke' and set the key to tab. However there doesn't seem to be any mechanism to tab between buttons and run the actions on them.


thanks for your reply anyway. :)




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