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Hi Traci,Below I’ve listed steps for you to achieve the functionality your client wants. It’s not the only way to achieve the results you want, just my preferred method. 1. Set up an action for each assessment module on the submit button of the last question, or if it's 50%, then on the halfway question.2. In the action's property menu you will need to input the following information:    - Name the action whatever you want, so long as it is something you will recognize later if you need to make changes.    - On: Mouse Click    - Action: Modify Variable    - Click the create variable button to the right of the entry field. Your variable name can be whatever you want it to be, but try to make it simple and relevant. For example, if your setting a variable for module one's assessment you can name it something like: Mod1_assessment. Remember to use an underscore whenever you want a space between words. Variables cannot have spaces in their names. For your variable's value you can leave it at zero. Click to accept your variable. You will now see your variable name displayed in the variable entry field.    - Next you will designate a value, which can be whatever you would like, you can input a number, a letter, a word even. I like to use numbers, so I would type 1 into the entry field. After you choose a value, then make sure the menu below is set to "Set Variable Contents". Now you are finished creating your variable.3. Repeat the steps above for each assessment module. Make sure when you name your variables you give them each a unique name. If they have the same name, then every time you set the value for one you will be setting the value for every variable with the same name. Since you want the user to visit each module's assessment before you show the final course assessment link you will want to make sure all your variables have different names.4. Now that you have setup an action/variable for each module assessment you need to go to your menu page. Here you are going to create one more action.5. Create an action on the page level. In the action's property menu you will set the following criteria:   - On: Show   - Action: Show   - In the drop down menu add your "course assessment link" text/button/group, however you have created your assessment link.   - At the top of the action's property menu click on the "Conditions" tab. Here you are telling the action it will only show your link if the following conditions are met.   - in the entry field below you will see three columns. Click inside the first column, scroll through the list of variable and find the variable name you designated earlier for Module one's assessment (My example was Mod1_assessment).  - Click inside the second column. From the drop down menu choose a condition. There are a couple of ways to achieve the same result, but my preference is to set the condition to "Equal to" (you could also use "Contains" if you want).  - In the third column you are now going to enter the value you gave your variable on the submit button of module one's assessment mid or end question. My example value was 1, so I would enter 1 into the value field. - After you've set your first condition add the rest of your module assessment variables and their values by clicking the "Multiple Conditions" button below the condition entry field. - After you finished adding in all of your variable conditions make sure you select the radio button above the columns, I believe it's the left one. There are two buttons one specifies "all" and the other specifies "some/any". Make sure you select the one that designates "all", because you want your learner to visit every modules' assessment.  - Now click Ok to accept your action. Your done. Your link will appear only when the user returns to the menu page after they have visited each modules assessment's halfway or end point.As I said before there are other ways to go about setting this up, this is just the way I would set up this kind of functionality. Use whatever is the easiest for you. You may have already found a way, but I hope this at least helps a little. Please feel free to ask for clarification if something is unclear.   Adriane
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