Create refresh button?

wesmorgen Community Member Posts: 6

I'm sure there is a simpler way to do this, but one way that I have done it is to create a duplicate page in a new chapter. This part is actually quite easy. Once your original page is finished, just copy and paste the entire thing into the new chapter. Then, on the button you create for "refresh", just make the action "On Click

>Go To---->Chapter,Section,Page

>"Whatever your page name is", and do the same for the refresh button on the duplicate page, only link it back to the original page. If you have any actions on the page you will need to make sure all of your targets carried over. Also, on the duplicate page you will need to disinherit the "next" and "back" buttons and manually place new ones on the page, changing them to "On Click

>Go To


>"Whatever the corresponding pages would be for forward or back"

If your page is simple text and audio page, you can create two actions on the button you create for refresh. Make the first action stop the audio, and the next action start the audio. Hope either of these helped.
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