Select radio button when item text clicked

nixthenext Community Member Posts: 75
I have found that this can get a bit complicated if you are wanting to do it for more then a few questions.

First you need to identify the associated variables for your checkboxes. Lectora doesn't allow you to do this, so open your page in a browser window and "view sourse". Search for the variables...they should look like check41id, check43id, check 45id, etc.

On the appropriate "choice text" place an action: OnClick, modify variable (select new, because it won't show on your drop-down), type in check41id,  Value=on

Do this for all the distractor choice texts.

This only seems to work in browser mode (not executable). Hope that helps. I wouldn't want to do this for a test! :)  but has possibilities for simple reviews, check on learnings, or simple interactive exercises.