Roll-over images

pasto Community Member Posts: 9
Click "Add Button".  In ther button properties, make the button transparent.  Place the button where you want it.

Create a text box, enter the desired content and place in the required position.  In the text box properties, ensure "Initially Visible" is unchecked.  It also helps to rename the text box (eg.  txt_rollover_1)


Highlight the button you made earlier and add a variable.  On MouseEnter, Show, txt_rollover_1 (or whatever you named the text box)

Add another variable: On MouseExit, Hide, txt_rollover_1

For a click to display/click to hide, there are two options.  1.  Repeat the above using On MouseClick Show and On MouseClick Hide.

2. The other option is to use create a variable: On MouseClick ToggleVisibilityState txt_rollover_1