Action Numbers?

pnolan Community Member Posts: 3
Html Button Name was disabled in preferences. Caused when I performed an update. Disregard below.


Hello all, I have been away from Lectora for a bit, in a course made earlier this year I used flash to call a button and go to next page hide show etc. usually with the following AS anybutton.onRelease = function() {"action435"); } Im working on a course where I wish to use similar action but cant find the action number, to my knowledge it used to be on the "On Click". I was not able to find anything mentioning this in the newer forums, I did find a post mentioning this code:"trivNextPage()") My concern with the above, is that for AS 3 only or fine for AS 2, due to some of our locations we have to stay on AS 2.0 a bit longer. Thank for the help.