SCORM2004 Publishing

vbarker Community Member Posts: 6

Check to make sure that the page embedment option is consistent between Lectora and the LMS.  When you publish from Lectora, the publish dialogue box will give you the option "The published course will be presented in a seperate window than the LMS". This box is unchecked by default (that is, it assumes that you are going to embed the course in the page of the LMS that it launches from).


If you are displaying the class as a link from the LMS and not checking this box when you publish, it will cause the 'exit' button in your course not to work.  Also, if you check this box when publishing and then display it as embedded in page from the LMS, the exit button will not work.


We had this problem when starting to publish to 2004 and integrating with and this was our solution...I hope it is in the ballpark for you.