Browser View Tip

bruman Community Member Posts: 54

 Browser compatability is definitely worth testing if you are likely to have a technologically diverse audience.  We have found differences in how text flows from one line to the next (sometimes causing issues with alignment or text to be cut off) and audio issues (actions that affect the audio may work in some browsers and not others -- using flv format for the audio heps with that, though).  It can also be useful to check different versions of the same browser.  For example, older versions of I.E. don't recognize transparency in .png images and put a big rectangle behind them.

In the end, it is impractical to expect a course to work on any version of any browser.  So the best thing you can do is survey your audience and see what's most prevalent, decide which platforms you want to support, test them, and then provide technical specs to the students to know which are best to use.  (Many people who use "alternative" browswers do have I.E. installed and will use it if they have to.)