Browser View Tip

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Hello ColinA.

Do you have control over the browsers your users choose to view your content over the internet? If not, then ensuring that your content and the associated web pages are consistent across all browsers is important for accessibility. The solution I offered seeks to help you in that regard to see what is working and what is not, so that you can make the needed corrections if any.

The different browsers can offer a few surprises in the published content and being able to catch them before placing them on the internet will help your users concentrate on the information.



bruman said:How many times have we wanted to view our published projects in several browsers easily and quickly so as to determine how the page will look? I have come across a Firefox add-on called "Browser View" that does a fairly good job. You can load at least four browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, and Opera) to see how you page appears in the different browser settings. See Regards, Bruman