Bring Back the Old Forum?

oqsg Community Member Posts: 103
Tecocat, I posted a blog yesterday concerning some of the plans that Trivantis has in store for the site. I know you, as well as others, that use the site have posted concerns of the new site, especially the forum, and Trivantis is reading each and every one of them and taking them into consideration for the future updates of this beta site. Trivantis is not able to give any dates as to when these updates or features are going to be added but please be assured that any comment, especially those sent in via the Feedback button at the top of the site, are read and taken into consideration for the site. This is a site that Trivantis wants it's users to be able to go to and find answers to questions as well as offer a place for those using the products to communicate with one another on a regular basis. Take a look at my blog and if you have any comments about it, feel free to post them.