Bring Back the Old Forum?

oqsg Community Member Posts: 103
I'd like to add my sentiments. I applaud Trivantis for attempting a positive change in the forum offering.

However, I've been installing, customizing look and logic, administering and using forum software heavily since 1999.

I am not at all happy as a user of this forum.

 The data from the old forum has NOT cleanly moved into this one. Letters are missing from the text that makes if more frustrating than valuable to read.

The search feature is not helpful at all. You can't specify any search criteria beyond the word(s) you're searching for, and you get 2300+ pages of results. Useless to me. A software support forum is only useful if you can search for what you're looking for. You need to be able to specify WHERE you're searching (i.e., topic title or post contents) and a forum folder location (i.e, tips/3rd party, etc.)

My old login didn't transfer to the new database. I followed the instructions, and was not allowed to access the forum. I sent an email asking for help. Nothing. I sent a form request via the forum. Nothing. I had to set up a new user profile. No biggie, but I would have preferred some support.

 It's slow as molasses.


I won't bring problems without bringing solutions, so here's my suggestion:

Use Vbulletin, which is IMH (but educated and experienced) O, the leader in forum software. They have excellent security, support and it's a huge value at an owned license for under 200 bucks. It includes all the "social" thingamajigees that they're trying to create here, like individual blogs, groups, files, profile pages, and even project management.

If you're going to offer a service, free or not, please support it, or you create frustration for paying customers. Dedicate a support tech to spending an hour a day to answering emails, even if it's "I don't know right now, but I'll find out.". A little bit goes a long way.

 Copy the old DB and provide the old forum software in read only mode. This provides access to the  WEALTH (i.e. ROI in Technical Support) and encourages use of the new software.


Respectfully submitted,