Bring Back the Old Forum?

oqsg Community Member Posts: 103
Before, I was willing to give this new forum a shot, but I'm finding myself agreeing with your sentiment more and more.


The new forum has really stymied free and open communication among users of Lectora.  In addition to the lack of e-mail notification and lack of sorting threads chronologically (which are HUGE hindrances in the exchange of ideas), the forum information is wholly inaccurate.


As an example, this screen shot shows what I see on the forum level.  As you can see, I believe that the last post was from me.


So, naturally, I ignored the forum, because if there have been no new messages since I posted, then I don't need to waste my time checking out old messages.

But, behold this screen shot of the forum when I finally do open it:


Tada!  There was not just one new message since my last post but multiple!  Now, instead of ignoring forums at a glance, I have to make an effort to open that forum and look for new messages.  And if there are no new messages, then I wasted time.


I agree with using the old forums.  Frankly, I'm surprised that we are forced to convert to a beta version.  A beta version means that it's undergoing tests, and you don't just switch from production to test without ironing out all the bugs. 

I'm finding myself coming here less and less lately.  I know there are Lectora users out there who need help, and I'm always glad to share my growing pains experience with them.  And I still need help in many areas, as well.  But this forum has lost the ability to be an effective tool in that regard.