Bring Back the Old Forum?

oqsg Community Member Posts: 103
Yes, I agree -- all of the various shortcomings of the new forum that have been mentioned here and in other threads (plus some other ones that I've sent along privately through the Feedback/Contact Us links and emails) have seriously decreased my presence on this site. But, for me, the worst part is that, because the search function doesn't work properly (you can't see more than the first page-worth of search results), I've lost an invaluable trouble-shooting research resource. This will mean making more calls to tech support for me and, I suspect, a lot more folks reposting the same questions over and over again on this forum because they won't be able to find the previous responses to them.

I wish someone at Trivantis would at least communicate what their plans are for fixing this's the dead silence and sense that all of the many, many feedback comments I've provided are just disappearing into the void that I find most discouraging. I think if someone were to just let us know what will/can be fixed and a rough idea of when that might happen, I would feel a whole lot more hopeful and be a bit more content to wait.