reading order

ismail Community Member Posts: 13
"Always on Top" will actually modify the ordering of objects in the left-hand pane. You can see this in action by right-clicking on an object in the left-hand pane, selecting Layering, and then selecting either "Bring to Front" or "Send to Back". Selecting one of the these options will actually reposition the object in the left-hand pane as appropriate. Objects are layered on a page from bottom to top according to the ordering of the objects from top to bottom in the left-hand pane. That is, the top-most object in the left-hand pane is actually on the bottom-most layer. The inhertance principle also plays a role here. Objects that are on the title level will always be on layers beneath those objects that are on a chapter level, section level, or page level. So for a page that is within a section that is within a chapter within the title will be layered first with the title-level objects, second with the chapter level objects, third with the section-level objects, and then the page-level objects will be on the top-most layers. You should check to see that your buttons do not have the "Always on Top" option marked. Buttons have this option selected by default. Hope this helps.