One bullet at a time

atchase Community Member Posts: 6
You would need a separate text box for each bullet. Naturally, you want to make all the text boxes initially not visible.


Making them show one at a time depends on how you want to do it.


The easiest way would be to time their arrival.  You can define actions for the page:On Show, Show Bullet Item 1, Delay 5.0 secondsOn Show, Show Bullet Item 2, Delay 10.0 seconds

...and so forth.


The downside to this method is that you are at the mercy of time. 


Another method is to let the user press Enter to show each item.  This is a little trickier, but it can be done.  Here is one possible method.

Create a variable called varBullet with an initial value of 1.  Create an Action Group called Increment varBullet.  When the action is fired, you Modify Variable by adding 1 to varBullet.  You'll call this action several times.

You then create another Action called Show Bullet Item 1.  This is:On Keystroke, Enter, Show Bullet Item 1, If varBullet = 1

Likewise, you'll have another Action called Show Bullet Item 2, which is simply:On Keystroke, Enter, Show Bullet Item 2, If varBullet = 2

...and so on.

For each bullet Text Box, add an action:On Show, Modify Variable, varBullet, Add to Variable, 1 (you could also Set it to 2, 3, etc.), Delay 0.5 seconds

I put the delay in there to avoid any confusion should Lectora read the first Enter action and then the second Enter action after it increments the variable.  This way, the variable increments only after all the Enter actions fire and check the variable.


There are more efficient ways of doing this.  This was just an initial thought.  If I were to do this, I'd see a way to make the acitons more concisely packed into nice Action Groups.