Disabling Alt+Print Screen

turtlejock Community Member Posts: 6
I am doing this in a Lectora piece I'm deploying now. First off (your not going to like the answer) .... This cannot be done natively in Lectora

Secondly, this cannot be done natively in Javascript. Because the PrintScreen key is not trapped by the Browser. Even if PrintScreen did throw a browser event the screen capture would already have been taken since it goes to the operating system first.

There are only 2 solutions to this on the Web and they both require an ActiveX control that breaks the browser sandbox:

1. Adobe Director

2. Adobe Authorware

I chose Authorware because the web player was smaller. I used the free x32 called disprtscrn.x32. Basically you open Authorware, insert a calc icon and put in the text box: XdisPrtScrn(1). Then publish the piece. Once published you insert the HTML that was published into Lectora as an external HTML object (you also have to import the .aam, .aas, and .x32 files as additional Files in Lectora).

The PrintScreen key being disabled isn't the only thing to worry about:

1. Users can always hit F11 (maximize their browser window which shows the browser button bar) and then print to pdf. That grabs a copy of the browser screen and saves it to PDF. [fix this with javascript killing the F keys, alt key and ctrl key]

2. Users can still use tools like SnagIT, Camtasia, Captivate, Paint Shop Pro ... etc (there are hundreds more in the list).... That do screenshots. [this too can be fixed with Authorware using the budAPI.x32 $$]