Posted in Files - not sure how this works... please Help!

becca718 Community Member Posts: 22
I would verify that your LMS supports suspend data as that is where all the variables that you have set to be retained between sessions are stored. The LMS cannot modify or change that data in any way. The LMS needs to store that data as we send it and pass it back in the same manner when the course is launched again. I tested your course in Coursemill and Test Track but changed the delay on the buttons to 2.0 seconds to speed up the process. I attempted to play the first two videos, exited the course, launched it again and then played the remaining videos and the course status was complete in the LMS. Try enabling debug to see if the course is in fact sending the suspend data and then when you launch it again, see what values are being reported to the course when it issues the LMSGetValue() for the suspend data.