Help with re-appearing objects

akzme2 Community Member Posts: 45
In case you still cannot see the project, I'll give a quick overview of what I did.


Created action groups for each swap of balloons.  For example, I have an AG that hides Salesman 1 and shows Salesman.   I have another one that hides Customer 1 and shows Customer 2. 

Created an action on the speech balloons to run the swap actions on a delay.  So, when Customer 1 shows up, the AG to swap Salesman speech is run, but I put a delay of 3 seconds (though it should be longer, I'm sure).  Likewise, when Salesman 2 shows up, the AG to swap Customer speech is run with a delay of 3 seconds. 

I hope that makes sense.  It should make more sense if you can open the project.