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Test results with .asp

streicham Community Member Posts: 17
Hey I am working on getting some test results sent through lectora using the asp method. Our guy in the IT department wrote me this asp file based on the information I was provided with by lectora. We are using this method because we do not currently have an lms system. Soooo here's one way that I am trying to achieve the automatic grading and posting results.

The asp file reads like this:

The following are the quiz reults:" +

"" +

"Test Name : " + testName + "" +

"User : " + user + "" +

"E-mail : " + email + "" +

"Questions : " + numQuestions + "" +

"Passing Grade : " + passingGrade + "" +

"Score : " + score + "" +


MyMessage.Body = strBody;



Response.Write("Email successfully sent");


The file is titled "ProcessLectoraResults.asp".

When I take this file and place them in the root directory with my "index.html" files.

In lectora under the quiz section I use "Submit to CGI program", using the "POST" method. "For the submit results to", I just use the name of my .asp file (which is ProcessLectoraResults.asp), sinc they're in the same directory.

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