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Linking 2 Flash Files

etec Community Member Posts: 27
You need to link up the 2nd swf as an additional file in Lectora.  There are 2 ways to go about this.  First way, put the file in the extern folder and then right click on the title properties in the left hand menu. Click on Additional files, and then find your file.  When you publish to HTML it should work.

Second way, right click on the swf of the first file, then click on additional files, do the same thing as above.

Semi-Technical Explanation: This is because how SWF files behave in HTML.  They look to load other SWF's from the location of the HTML page.  When you add swf files to Lectora, it puts the file in the images folder.  In this case, attaching the 2nd SWF to the title allows the first swf to look in the same directory as the HTML page.
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