Flash File, Flash Variable, External XML file

emcalpin Community Member Posts: 8
1. I have a flash file on a lectora page. 2. This flash file talks to a flash variable which calls an external xml file. 3. I created this flash variable using a text object and placed it on the same page as the flash file. 4. I named the text object Flash_Variable1 and inside the text object placed the variable TCI_C1_L1_S3.xml.5.This variable should call the xml file which will load the appropriate video into the flash file. 6. In Lectora under Tools I created the User-Defined Variable and named it tempVariable. 7. I set the value of this variable to ExternalInterface.call("Flash_Variable1.getValue()"); but it does not seem to work. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?


You need to set the Lectora variable to the flash variable by formatting it like this: ExternalInterface.call("Vartempvariable.set("+Flash_Variable1+")");

At least that is how I'm reading it.