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oqsg Community Member Posts: 103
I'll wait a bit before I submit my suggestions.  They keep popping up when I don't expect them.  I figure if I document them here, then I can e-mail the changes in one big swoop.


So, a couple of other things I noticed...


This post now reveals to me that there is no e-mail notification.  Maybe I need to change my preferences, but I realize now that I don't see a way to subscribe to this topic. 


Also, when I click on Reply, the focus does not move to the text box.  That's a minor quibble that can be fixed by clicking in the box, but I'm all about efficiency.


Speaking of efficiency, no more pause while submitting a message!  Yay!  That always bugged me that I'd click on Submit, and it would take at least half a minute for the screen to refresh.  So, I'm glad that nuissance is gone.


I'll play around some more when I get some time.  It looks nice, though, and I dig the lava lamp.