Hiding Inherited Button

lauravery Community Member Posts: 21
Thanks again for your responses! Ben - I do appreciate the eLearning instructional design perspective. Good to know what the experts and the research say. Thank you!Greg - I'm really going the path you describe because my business partner requests that the user NOT proceed without going through all the steps. (This is a course for a new system that involves customer transactions, so it's very important to them that we add the controls here.) From your advice, I've gotten as far as creating the action on the page that defines on Show, Hide the Next button. Then I put an action on the last object displayed to Show the Next button. I'm not sure how to set up an action group that checks to display the Next button based on what has shown. Can you explain in more detail 1) how to check the variables with that action and 2) how to create the action group that displays the next button based on what has shown? (I'm sorry I'm a bit dense as I'm still quite new to Lectora and adding actions in addition to what is included in our template.)