Hiding Inherited Button

lauravery Community Member Posts: 21

UTguy wrote:

Just how do you do this in Lectora? I have 5 links to 5 pictures. I want the Next button to appear after all 5 have been clicked. Thanks in advance.
I just saw that you are working with Lectora 5. I believe this predates Action Groups.In that case, follow my advice, but instead of the Action Group (which will help you out a lot in future developments), assign two actions to each picture. The first action is:On Click, Modify Variable, Target: varA, Set Value to 1.Each action modifies a different variable, which you assign to each picture.The second action is:On Click, Show Next Button, Condition: If ALL (varA = 1, varB = 1, etc.). I might even suggest a delay of 0.1 or 0.2 seconds on the second action, just to avoid any possible timing issues. Kevin