Hiding Inherited Button

lauravery Community Member Posts: 21
Without knowing the specifics of what you're doing, this is what I would do.I would hide the Next button on Show. You've already established this is your path.I would create an Action Group called Show Next. This contains one action only. It shows the Next button. I would set a conditional so it runs only if All of the Following is True:varA = 1varB = 1varC = 1etc.What are these variables? I would assign each variable to the object you want to show. Their initial values are 0. For each object, I would assign an action: On Show, Modify Variable: varA Set to 1. I would assign another action to the object: On Show, Run Action Group: Show Next. This is easy to copy and paste to each object. That way, the Next button is hidden, but every time an object shows, it checks to see if all the variables = 1. If not, then the Next button remains hidden. When the last object shows, then all variables = 1, and the Next button shows. The benefit of this is that it'll still work even if you change the order of the objects showing.KevinEdited By: Kevin Elmore on 2009-3-17 13:42:16