Call a Javacript Function from a Button

hillk1 Community Member Posts: 8
I now realize that the querystring (?roleid=909&caseid=1723&presid=8907) is only available on the first page of the title because on Next, Lectora loads a separate page. I need to be able to capture the "?roleid=909&caseid=1723&presid=8907" in a variable and then pass that variable back into the function when the user reaches the last page and they click the Done button.I'm thinking an action:On: ShowAction: Modify VariableTarget: QueryLocationValue: ?Modifcation: Set Variable ContentsDone button function:Action: Go ToTarget: Web AddressWeb Address: javascript:goNext(QueryLocation)Header Script Function:function goNext() {'/onlinelearning/trnmnu.asp' + QueryLocation + '&moveForward=1'     }}Would something like this work?Where do I establish "QueryLocation" as a variable?