Possible to Jump to Page Whose Name is Held in a Variable?

bozoexplosion Community Member Posts: 3
I figured this would be simple, but I keep hitting roadblock after roadblock. :(

Here's the Goal:

On Mouse Click

Go To

Chapter Section or Page

Which Page? The one who's name is held in this here variable.

Here's the Intent:

A Non Linear Course with several Chapters, and several pages in each chapter.

The learner does a few pages in Chapter 1, but doesn't finish...

Jumps to Chapter 2, does a few pages, but doesn't finish...

On and on...

Then decides to pick up where she was in Chapter 1, but doesn't remember where that was.

I need a Chapter 1 button that'll go straight to the page she last visited in that chapter.

Here Are the Approaches I've Tried:

    Use a Lectora Menu Object -
Problem: The the text in the menu headings doesn't decorate once the page is visited, like a hyperlink, so we cannot track which pages were visited.

Create a Variable that stores the PageInChapter and holds it as the most recently visited page in that chapter - Problem: The variable's no biggie, but I can't get an action to point to the name in that variable?

Create my own menu that shows each page, chapter by chapter, and uses internal hyperlinks and / or an icon to indicate which pages have been visited. The learner goes to that page, sees check marks all over the pages that have been visited, and clicks the link for whichever page she wants to see next - Problem: I may have to go with this one, but the client really wants something else.

The client would prefer a pop up menu (on mouse hover) that shows a simple link for each chapter. Just click the button to return to the most recently visited page (or Page 1) in that chapter.

I'm staring at the "coding wall" and can't get over it, so what am I forgetting, or doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.