Flash Commands with Lectora

xithis Community Member Posts: 66

I haven't gotten anything to work thus far...

I just need to pass a variable from Flash to Lectora to let Lectora know that a certain game/etc has been completed. Can ANYONE post an example that works so I can try that?

What I've got so far is the following in the SWF file.


import flash.external.*;
var setFromLectora;

setFromLectora = ExternalInterface.call("setVars");

textF.text = setFromLectora;

And this is what I have in an external HTML object on the same page:


function setVars(){
     var lectoraVariable = VarlectoraVariable.getValue();


"testswf" is the name of the flash animation I put in Lectora.

Anyone got any ideas or able to post WORKING examples?