Old Boolean Logic Request w/ New Idea

tecocat Community Member Posts: 389 ♪ Opening Act ♪
For many, many years now I've been wishing for more robust boolean logic abilities for setting conditions. For example, I'm working on something right now where I'd like to have logic likeIF(A is correct AND Y=1)OR(B is correct AND Y=2)OR(C is correct AND Y=3)THEN...Other times, I've wished I could do something likeIF A=2 AND (B=wombat OR B=wallaby), THEN...I never gave much though before as to how Trivantis might provide this, but now I'm thinking that they could easily add a drop-down menu field at the end of each condition line from which one could choose operators like "and" or "or" to connect lines of conditions together. The only thing I'm not sure of is how the user could specify in that tab how those lines should be logically grouped (like I did with the parentheses in my examples above). Can anyone add on to my idea here to help solve this? Maybe if we can envision this a bit more, it might encourage Trivantis to give it a go...At this point, I think if I could choose just one new enhancement for Lectora, more robust boolean logic would definitely be the one I'd choose!Laura