Bugs fixed in latest build (740)

lauram Community Member Posts: 149
Please see the list below for all of the bugs fixed in the latest build of Lectora Online (740).1. Exporting a title with an RTF document reformats it to HTML2. Change Manage Folders link to a button or more obvious link3. Color icons don't load in Predefined folder of Templates tab4. Recently Shared Titles not available in Title Override dropdown5. Beta tester receiving Repository Error saving title as Template6. Importing attached Flash file causes Repository Errors7. Titles exported from LO with video: Video Controller property is reselected8. Tests in exported pkg: Inherit All is reset to Inherit No Objects9. Hyperlinks exported from LO are lost10. New line chars in display message actions cause JS errors11. Typo in Help: Sending an Instant Message12. Items in the left-hand pane can be renamed without being checked out13. Checking out a checked out object causes a Transaction Error14. Issues with line breaks in property dialogs for imported titles15. Import: Line breaks in Menu object dialog16. Reset Button in Video Properties17. Video - real player media focus window default size is 0,018. Resource manager - List not updating when Convert to flash is executed19. Resource Manager - Convert to flash tags all files as video20. Disable Convert to FLV in Resource Manager after first use21. Midi converted to flv does not play in preview and cause repository errors22. Templates - Import/Export/Delete23. RM and FLV audio/video should disable the convert to flv option24. Media Library Organizer: Adding a .tif image causes System Error25. Media Library Organizer: remember last viewed location26. IMS Metadata: Default first page of new titles should have option on27. IMS Metadata: Turn on metadata for Certificate Tool page and image28. Status Bar: Cannot edit and then Tab in IE729. Size to action using percentage functions only under special circumstances30. Template information isn't being cleared with each new build31. Change the default Shape fill and outline colors32. Flash Command Call Function: Response is not being imported33. Limit Transitions delay value to between 0 and 60034. Title reports - view as csv dialog box does not appear in IE35. On Keystroke action - key input does not accept number pad and F keys36. Reg Test Results in Preview: "correct, not selected" doesn't show answer37. Items removed from titles remain after deletion38. Audio Properties: Display Image import has Conver to Flash option39. Undo/Redo: Can't Undo Convert to FLV for Audio or Video40. Actions: Condition Tab doesn't populate newly created variable41. Form objects - entry fields with no default text when reset display ~~~null~~~42. Import drop down menu button within properties dialog boxes should be a separate button43. Certificate Tool - "Variable to use: " drop down visible text is cut off and can not be seen44. Manual selection of IMS Metadata causes multiple copies of data elements when imported to LO45. TOC imported from Lectora allow "use icons" for drop down lists46. Matching question lines published in IE are exagerated47. Mp3 audio issues in IE48. Shapes are set to retain their original aspect ratio49. host.net application servers configuration50. Bulleted lists are lost in an export51. Using CTRL button to copy pages will not move any objects on the page52. Imported resources with certain special characters do not function53. Lectora SP3: Allow insert directly from the media library54. Lectora SP3: Rename template and media library folders55. Lectora SP3: iPhone/iPod Touch Publishing options56. Create icon for pkg file57. Importing titles with nonbreaking spaces causes Repository Errors58. Convert to flv at import strips video events59. Browse button on Import Title dialog is too large (IE7 only)60. Pinch/Blue - textboxes display no int font size61. Imported Reference Lists: scope changes from Page to Title62. Show image option does not refresh image drop downs63. Selecting "Show visibility check boxes" doesn't affect open title64. Html names of external html changes on import/export65. Imported buttons flag the condition tab by default66. Metadata Element Duplication67. Hook the Help buttons to the appropriate section in the documentation68. Timed test exit test immediately69. Importing a menu: submenu layout properties change70. Wrapped text imported from a pkg creates an embedded image placeholder71. Extended ASCII / special characters are incorrect in imported titles72. Cannot checkout items after creating shared Reflection title73. Delete confirmation dialog doesn't list users correctly74. text styles created using controls in title properties not available75. Page layout tools not properly disabled76. Multiple groups cannot be selected in the left-hand pane77. previously added text is replaced with "<!--[if gte mso 9]>" upon relaunch of a title78. Imported form objects flag the condition tab by default79. Form issues exported from LOffline to Lectora80. Form issues exported from Lectora to LOffline81. External Reviewer: issues with accessible components82. Check title names during pkg import for illegal characters83. Hand cursor is different for hyperlinked text and menus84. Questions lose their variable when cut and paste onto a new page85. Flash command - goTo Label causes errors86. Toggling visibility on grouped objects does not refresh the page87. Delays on transitions cause errors88. Find/Replace - make Replace sensitive to editability89. Test question feedback on import strips carriage returns90. Cannot highlight selected text with "transparent"91. Rename window title "Upload zip file" to "Upload Zip File"92. Resource Manager convert to flv on audio causes errors93. MC Test Question feedback is covered during editing94. Form actions cause errors95. Title Wizards: Issues with Blank Title Wizard96. Title Wizards: Opening title properties of resulting title causes JS error97. Entry fields published trigger actions twice98. Title Wizards: Issues with Standard E-learning Course title99. Implement new help & administrtor guide100. Copy pasted form objects do not properly increment associated variables101. Special Characters cause errors during import of wma102. Likert table creation causes errors103. Delete in the LHP of MLO does not function correctly104. Confirmation box needed for Media in MLO105. Attempting to delete a title (not shared) results in error106. Predefined shapes cause web remoting errors107. Button Wizard: Custom button preview takes exceptionally long108. Change names for assignment status109. Text from a title imported to LO then exported is lost in Lectora110. Turning off visibility of a Form object does not include Radio button group111. Regression: Adding Reviewer causes Web Remoting Error and fails112. Modifying Assigned To in an assignment will not save successfully113. JS errors generated using Title Wizard for the first time on a fresh build114. Test question feedback on import alters line spacing115. Custom likert table creation causes errors116. Imported menu object: Flash Command call function loses variable117. Transitions on groups cause errors118. Test Question defaults119. Question variables are created even if question wizard is canceled120. Update description of Reserved Variables in the Variable Manager121. Help makes references to frames and publishing to the web.122. Test Section Score variables are not being created123. Organizations should have a user limit124. Apostrophe used within Question text displayed as "'"125. Change "sumbission" to "submission" on new Feedback message126. Template buttons overlap in IE127. Table of contents property dialog causes errors128. Certificate Tool: Justification doesn't toggle for resulting text129. Certificate Tool: Resulting text doesn't have selected formatting130. Certificate Tool: Focus is not placed on resulting page131. Page Numbering Tool: Text block is sized to 14 decimal places132. Page Numbering Tool: Font style drop-down is empty for text block133. Page Numbering Tool: Typo in Wizard134. Page Numbering Tool: Switching background to transparent doesn't refresh135. Debug: JS error generated when window is opened136. Importing a question library object into a test causes Web Remoting Error137. Page numbering tool - Actions multiplied138. Matching questions in published titles cause JS errors139. Page numbering tool - Text and Font preview does not update properly140. Opening a text block as External Reviewer causes JS error (IE7)141. Editing text inside the page numbering tool causes errors142. Layout: Aligning objects spaces them to invalid coordinates143. Page numbering tool functionality issues144. Changing matching images to text causes JS error145. Searching for nonexistent object in Resource Manager: Web Remoting Error146. Item movement in the lhp is painful147. Some missing help hooks for Tools, Publish pages, and Text items148. CTRL drag multiple pages copies last selection twice149. Objects inserted directly from MLO have invalid x,y coordinates150. Animated gif imported from the MLO are active images151. RTF files added directly from MLO have a width/height of 0x0152. WAV audio files inserted via MLO aren't recognized as audio153. Audio inserted in MLO displays controller but is 0x0154. Moving plate objects within other plate objects is not possible155. Templates when used cause disconnects between the LHP and RHP156. Get browser context menu on right click157. Notifications: Title override isn't being applied or saved158. Entry fields do not allow text to be selected159. Error when publishing drop-down/list box with initially selected value160. Publishing Audio with ALT Tags option on causes Error161. AU level should not be visible in TOC162. Switching to metadata tab after importing object causes JS error163. Cannot drag objects on a page while holding down Shift button164. Reserved Time variables are wrong in published titles165. IllegalStateException with "no current title" or "title not found" when title is open166. Intermittently receiving swr.timeout Web Remoting Error167. Fill in the blanks with feedback in published titles cause many JS errors168. Questions are not saved properly after being dragged onto new page169. Removing all unused resources causes Errors170. Page background sound set to None prevents title from publishing171. Losing question objects after dragging onto newly created pages172. Media Library takes 20+ seconds to open in IE173. Removing unused resources at publish causes errors174. Question is lost upon reload if created on new page175. Standard on test complete navigation does not exit tests