Test/Quiz results not working in HTML

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Hi, My company requires to have our tests correctable to 100% in order for the user to pass and then continue the course. I have it setup so that when a user clicks "Ok" on the results page the following is started.1. if all questions are correct they go to the end of course page where they can go on to next module, return to course main menu or just exit.IF there are any incorrect questions then the following action groups are ran:Group 1 - GOTO question 1 IF question 1 is incorrectELSERUN ACTION GROUP 2.Group 2 - GOTO question 2 IF question 1 is correct and question 2 is incorrect.ELSEGOTO last page of test.There is an action group for each question like above.When the user corrects a question and clicks the next button to go to the next question I check to see if the next or any other questions that are incorrect or have an empty answer variable(question has not been answered because first time through test) or else they are taken to the last page of the test to rescore the test. They are then taken to the results page again. This process continues until they score 100%.If I use the popup then these pages open in the popup instead of in the original course browser window where it has to be.I know there are buttons that you can add to each incorrect question to go to that question and correct it, but this method is tedious and does not go smoothly for the user since they have to go through the entire test to get back to the scoring page. When I get to the results page there is no score or any other information, and it says Failed no matter what.Hope this makes sense, and isn't too much detail.
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